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Mingde College has an informal discussion about the touring inspection and diagnosis work
2015-11-19 16:12   审核人:

At the afternoon of November 18, Mingde College held the informal discussion of the fourth Shaanxi touring inspection and diagnosis work of institutions of higher education at the first conference room of Mingde Building, during which the experts group gave feedback diagnosis opinions and suggestions in allusion to the three-day diagnosis and investigation work to the college. All the members of the experts group engaged in the fourth Shaanxi touring inspection and diagnosis of institutions of higher education presented at the information discussion. Moreover, Wan Xiaopeng, the vice president of Northwest Polytechnical University and deputy chairman of Mingde College, Zhou Xinqing, executive vice president of Shaanxi Gold Leaf Science And Education Group Co., LTD, Wang Zhousuo, chairman of board of supervisors, Zhang Youqiang, vice president and director of Mingde College, Yan Kai, secretary of board of directors and all the leaders in the college, directors in each department, responsible persons of each functional department participated in the meeting. The meeting of exchange was hosted by the professor Fu Fenglin, vice group leader of experts group of touring inspection and diagnosis.

On behalf of the experts group, Professor Fu Fenglin introduced the touring inspection and diagnosis situation on the college by experts group and fed the initial opinion of touring inspection and diagnosis back to the college. He reviewed that during the period of touring inspection and diagnosis by the experts group, they attached much importance to investigate the work of college on the aspect of education and teaching, talents cultivation, quality-oriented education, cultural inheritance and innovation and so on, and the situation of management operation and logistical support and so on of college. Moreover, on the basis of checking the self-inspection reports of college carefully and listening the self-inspection transaction of touring inspection and diagnosis work of college, the experts group investigated the campus’s appearance, library, practical teaching center, stadium, student’s canteens and other auxiliary teaching facilities and knew the planning, development and achieved performance of college. During the period, the experts group has attended 14 lessons, checked 2047 test papers and 594 theses, held the informal discussion for the students and teachers with one time respectively, interviewed 12 leaders of college and visited 9 functional departments to have a complete and deep understanding to the situation of construction and development of college. The experts group pointed out the main achievements the college made in the school-running and the main existing problems objectively and put forward the suggestions to the work of college.

The experts indicated that the leading group of Northwest Polytechnical University is united, harmonious, practical, enterprising, dedicated and with strong cohesion; the management organizations within the college have simple personnel and capable cadres, for the middle-level cadres and the general faculties are all passionate in their job and devoted to the knowledge imparting and people education and each department shall work around the center of college and the management is in place and the guarantee is powerful. The experts group highly appreciated the achievement the college made in school-running orientation, school-running idea, talents cultivation, social service, students work, and construction of campus culture and so on. Meanwhile, the experts group also pointed out that there is deficiency in the campus construction, educational investment, teaching staff, discipline and specialty, teaching conditions and talents cultivation of college. To some extent, there is a tendency of “three-tendency”. Moreover, they put forward the pertinent suggestions to it.

Yu Dehong, chief expert and former vice president of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Fu Fengling, vice group leader of experts group and former vice president of Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Zhang Ningsheng, Yan Hongtao, Zeng Ping, Zeng Xingwen, He Wangyun and so on, member of experts group, all put forward their own touring inspection and diagnosis opinions from the aspect of quality of talents cultivation, construction of discipline and specialty, construction of teaching staff, construction of connotative development and educational investment and so on in allusion to the problems of “three-tendency” existed in the school-running thinking, setting of discipline, management mode of college respectively.

    After listened to the feedback opinion of experts, Wan Xiaopeng extended his thanks to the experts group on their precise and practical hardworking and their behaviors of giving the feedback opinion to the college frankly. He indicated that the matrix school shall increase the support further at the aspect of education and teaching, specialty construction, teachers training and so on of college according to the school-running requirements of independent college so as to promote the connotative construction and enhance the school-running level. He hoped that Mingde College can come up with the rectification measures as soon as possible and proposed that the Northwest Polytechnical University hold the office meeting of principal to research the development direction of college in the later period. Meanwhile, he suggested the group company convene the board meeting to research and discusses the problems and difficulties Mingde College faced with.

Vice president Zhou Xinqing extended his thanks to the hardworking of experts group and its detailed analysis to the problems of college. He said that the group company shall change the idea and increase the in investment of construction fund to college and do well in the logistical support so as to promote the healthy and sustainable development of college.

Dean Wu Dingyi and secretary Gong Fuhe made a speech respectively.

Wu Dingyi extended his appreciation to the care, encouragement and support from the experts group and he considered that the conclusion made by the experts group is clear and pertinent and developmental opinions and suggestions was put forward. Therefore, he indicated that he will study the opinion and suggestions of experts group carefully so as to understand them deeply and transmit them correctly and enable every teacher and student to understand them ideologically and implement them in the work. The college will research and deploy every work carefully so as to form feasible working scheme and carry out the rectification time and take advantages of all the positive factors, and pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone to promote the construction of college to a higher level.

Gong Furu extended his sincere appreciation to the hardworking of each expert. He indicated that the touring inspection and diagnosis this time made significance to the college and will be the new start to the development of college also, for the college will understand the opinion and suggestions fed back by the expert carefully and formulate the rectification scheme and carry out the scheme strictly so as to improve the development connotation of college and realize the target of school-running of college. He hoped to promote the superior department to issue the supportive policy in allusion to the independent undergraduate institutions via the suggestion and appeal of experts group so as to promote a better development of higher education in our province.


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