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Mingde College signed the college-enterprise cooperation agreement with Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD
2015-11-06 16:17   审核人:

On November 5, the college has held the college-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony at Shantou City, Guangdong Province with Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD. Both parties shall establish the R&D center of unmanned aerial vehicle and industry-study-cooperation base jointly.

Yang Zhigang, Director General of Technology Division of Shantou City, deputy director general Wu Chengwu, deputy head Tang Guowei, Huang Changxin, deputy head of Chenghai District, Xu Junying, director general of Bureau of Economy and Information and other relevant leaders; Cheng Jiahua, chairman of Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD and general manager Cai Junbin and relevant senior executives were present at the signing ceremony. Wu Dingyi, dean of Mingde College, deputy dean Li Yuren, Wei Shengmin, director of department of electromechanical engineering, teacher Tian Weijun who have presented at the signing ceremony on behalf of the college.

At the signing ceremony, Wu Dingyi said that “college-enterprise cooperation is an effective path to promote the reform talent cultivation mode and strengthen the working ability of students in the college; moreover, it is helpful for the enterprise to take in more excellent talents and widen the influence of enterprise brand. In a word, it is an important way and realistic demand to realize the win-win situation of college and enterprise.” According to the agreement, the college shall provide the site and infrastructure needed in the base construction and conduct the designresearch and development of new products with Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD so as to provide the platform for the internship and employment of students in our students. Both parties shall forge several functional centers jointly by which to introduce the technology, equipment platform and cultivation system of employee of Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD so as to improve the technical service ability of the college and enhance the cultivation quality of application-oriented undergraduate talents. On the informal discussion, Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD and some local enterprises highly appreciated the “3+1” college-enterprise cooperation mode of the college; as the product of college-enterprise cooperation in depth, “3+1” college-enterprise cooperation mode is not only the demand of enterprise employment and echelon construction, but also accords with the demand of talents cultivation of the college. More importantly, meets the aspiration of growing and becoming a useful person of students.

Leaders of Technology Division of Shantou City and deputy head of District unveiled the nameplate of “R&D center of unmanned aerial vehicle” and “industry-study-research cooperation base” jointly.

After the signing ceremony, Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD subsidized 200,000 Yuan student subsidies for the poverty students of Mingde College and they hope that the college can cultivate more excellent high-level talents with higher quality. In return, the college granted the souvenir “piece statue” for Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD and extended our great expectation to the college-enterprise cooperation and congratulated beforehand a complete success of cooperation!

Through the college-enterprise cooperation this time, both parties hope to establish the platform exchange and mutual assistance and have in depth cooperation further on the aspect of employee training of enterprise, off-campus internship for students and so on. The signing ceremony this time marks that the cooperation between the college and Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD has stepped into the substantive stage on the aspect scientific research, talents cultivation and technical communication and so on.

Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD, of which the headquarters is located at Shantou, a key node of the economic circle of “great pearl river delta” and “pan-pearl river delta”, is a high tech company concentrated at the specialized model airplane and worked on the business of airplane model and electronic mobile power supply.


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